A Gallery of the Fortified Bedford House


Believe it or not, we have many treasures to share with you, but they haven't all been photographed yet. Keep checking back in the future to see what we come up with.

The photos that are included on this page show a number of the 'treasures' that were discovered during the renovations that were undertaken during the summer of 2022. We might not have captions for them all, but we can enjoy them nonetheless.


  This pressed diamond point glass pitcher with its pewter handle was made in Italy in the 1950s. It measures 10" tall and 7.5" wide at its base. The can that sits beside it once held Bliss coffee. If the name was descriptive, the coffee must have been delicious.

  Imagine Tyna's surprise when she discovered her name's initial letters in gleaming metal.

  This mason jar was used as an advertising vehicle for the radio show "The Great Gildersleeve".

  A tattered piece of clothing might be a mystery without certain features to reveal its story. This piece of lady's apparel appears to be satin and possibly a jacket. The hemming tape at the bottom inside of the piece and the tape at the neck inside suggest that this piece would have been worn as a jacket by itself. The embroidery on this piece resembles the heavily embroidered clothing of the 1860s.

  The corset was a piece of lady's clothing which, in the Victorian Age was usually made out of linen material. A corset, worn with the intent to define a very thin waist, was sewn with 'pockets' into which whale bone or metal strips or stays could be inserted if necessary. A family member or servant, if one could afford to have servants, would be needed to lace the corset tightly.

  An old flour bag would not seem to be much of a 'treasure', but this flour bag held flour ground at a local Bedford County grist mill. The borough of Woodbury is located in the northcentral part of Bedford County. Over the years there were a number of grist mills in the vicinity of Woodbury and Woodbury Township.

  This key unlocks something. What that something is ~ or rather, was ~ is a mystery today. The key was found behind plywood, behind rotted insulation, behind another board; and taped to a buried window in a corner.